and the story goes…

It’s finally come to our journey..
time’s up for both of us to look for the best one.
‘coz we’re both too lucky to have each other

bismillah..we’ll take another step
and we’ll look forward for the happiness to come

and our happiness wouldn’t be complete without your presence and your pray on our big day.

The occassion will take place and time on :
Day/Date : Sunday/ 5 Dec 2010
Time : 11.00 AM – 03.00 PM
Place :
Komp. Andrawina Jl. Cemara I Komp. Andrawina No.B/7 RT.04/01
Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan

We look forward for your appreciation by come to our wedding.

Till we meet!

Warm Regards,
Dedes & Adji

*Note :
Please find the location map on below post.


One thought on “and the story goes…

  1. uhuuuyyy….
    senangnyaaaaaa, semoga diriku segera menyusul dirimu….amiiinnn…
    congrats y both of u…
    des, inget pesen gue waktu kita bareng di P20 dan melihat fenomena didepan mata….jgn sampe terjadi ya…
    sayah pasti dataaaangggsss 😀

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